About Me

Born a farmer's daughter, I married a farmer and work alongside him on our beef and sheep farm on the outskirts of the Lake District. I've always been interested in textiles in one form or another, from dress making in my teens, through cross stitch and patchwork & quilting in my twenties and thirties. But I always admired those who could create beautiful expressive free embroidery and loved to go to exhibitions and galleries.

I was lucky enough one day to find a City & Guilds course which fitted in with my busy farm life and for the next four years I travelled monthly to a school in Lancashire to attend ArtyBirds. What a fabulous time I had. I made many wonderful  friends, and learned many wonderful techniques. I was encouraged every step of the way by my tutor Rosie, and even though sometimes it was hard to fit the work in, or we did things which maybe didn't always appeal - you can't please everyone all the time ! - I gained my level 3 and Diploma in Creative Embroidery.

For the Diploma, students were asked to choose a theme which interested them deeply. I chose Remembrance. My Dad was in the army during the second world war, my Mother was a Wren; Dad often spoke of his war time experiences, and instilled in my brother and me a deep respect for the armed forces. Remembrance day has always been special for me, and I get goosebumps watching the parade march past the Cenotaph. I found I was interested in the history of Remembrance, hence a lot of the work I produced was inspired by the Great War, and the poppies.

City & Guilds is over now, but I am still creating work based on my research and artwork from the course. However I am also starting to look at other subjects as well; the latest thing to interest me being rust and decayed surfaces. So I look forward to a new body of research, art and design, and hopefully, some new pieces of work.